What territory do you cover?

That’s a tricky one. If they do, chances are they are trying to start up their own business and don’t have the level of experience you need to succeed.hengxin-label.)

Most managers will take a percentage rate of any venues or money they are involved in bringing in for you and your band.  You can rest assured that if you sign with on of these agencies your chances are very high for getting work.  In the book, you will find names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and available email addresses for managers that were recommended to us when researching this book by record labels, and by other industry professionals.?
?What territory do you cover?
?How are you paid – what is your percentage rate?

Before you can even question a manager, you’ll probably have to send them a press kit in order to get your first appointment.  Read your contract even before you hand it off to your attorney for review.  Ask them if they’ve listened to your CD.  Polyester satin ribbon While I have a huge list in my book, ?The Indie Guide To Music, Marketing and Money? ISBN 978-0-9746229-4-1, you also need to get references. Their names will speaks for themselves. If an unknown booking agency requires you to sign an exclusive contract, just say NO!

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.  I have spoken with some of the largest mangers and management firms in the industry who stated this clearly is not reputable or ethical behavior for a manager.  If you sign an exclusive contract, you will not be able to accept any gigs from outside firms.

Asking for money up front is also a way of stating they do not believe in you enough to take a risk. Never sign a contract until you have had your lawyer look it over and examine it for any hidden clauses.  You should never pay your manager for income you receive that you developed on your own. At least then you will be dealing with a manager who already has a working relationship with a major label and who can hopefully get you a contract