Most hotels/condos do provide humidifiers

There are also other items that will make your trip better, so it is a good idea to do a little research before going on the trip. Hopefully, you can have a safe and happy ski vacation. Glove/mitten liners. They can be purchased at any sporting goods store or specialty ski/snowboard store. If you are not used to the high altitudes, you will want to bring some kind of altitude sickness medication.


The four items listed above will definitely help with your trip and they are also things that most would not think of when planning for a skip vacation. If you are staying in a hotel, they will usually provide some coffee or hot chocolate for you, but if you are staying in a condo they will not, so you definitely want to bring your own in either case. One word of warning, they can burn your hands if you leave them on for too long, so be mindful of how long you have been wearing them if you choose to put them in your gloves or boots. These are great in case snow gets into your gloves or mittens there is an extra, skin tight layer between the snow and your mittens or gloves so the snow does not actually touch your skin. These warmers will make your time on the slopes much more enjoyable. Hand/Feet warmers. Extra coffee/hot chocolate.

2. Also, there is not as much choice in the ski Self-adhesive tape town local stores, so it is better to choose one you prefer before going on the trip. This medication will help relieve nausea, dizziness, and headaches for 24 or more hours..

3. Most hotels/condos do provide humidifiers so you do not have to worry about that item when planning the trip. You need to keep your body warm with the cold temperatures and snow out west, so it is important to keep yourself warm after a day at the slopes. Also, liners help your grip on the ski poles or if you try to grip anything with your gloves or mittens. You want to check what amenities the hotel or condo has to see if you need/want to bring anything else they will not provide. Also, having a cup of coffee in the morning can really help get you going for an early morning run down the slopes. This kind of medication will be really expensive in the ski towns because usually there is only one or stores in these areas anyway, so they can charge a higher price. Using a printer with thermal transfer ribbons and the ability to make thermal transfer labels, you can make a quick list online of everything you need, then print it out to put on the fridge or to keep with you as a reminder of the things you will need.Extra Items For A Ski Trip                                                                                             When going on a ski trip, it is important to remember all of the major things that are needed, such as actual skis, boots, snow pants, etc; however, while trying to remember all of that, it is easy to forget the little extras that will make your trip more enjoyable. Below, you will find a list of extras that will enhance your ski vacation: