Whether or not you can appear on other albums

Music contracts are complex little things, aren’t they? It is many an artist’s dream to be offered incredible music business contracts! Understanding them when they do come along is crucial to the survival of your career. The ins and outs of recording contracts can be reviewed by an entertainment lawyer, but why not understand everything on your own in addition to this.

There may be a place in music contracts that talk about Tour Support or something along that line. Well, what exactly is tour support you ask? This is basically the funding that the label will advance to the band, group or artist. This is meant to pay for any losses that occur from touring. This may typically apply to new artists because tours sometimes cost more than the artist earns from the tour.

Unfortunately though, tours are absolutely necessary to promote CDs, acquire exposure and sell merchandise. The label will often have to front the money so that the tour is possible. Recording contracts usually state that tour support money is reimbursable from royalties. So, in the end the band will pay the entire cost of the tour.

Another important question that is covered in recording contracts is whether or not you can appear on other albums. While you will not be able to record solely for other companies, you will be able to make a guest appearance, no problem.

Guest performances are usually called sideman performances in music contracts. The Record Label usually always benefits from their artists doing sideman performances. Your record company will require a courtesy credit on the album that acknowledges you are signed exclusively with their label. Different rules many apply to groups when it comes to recording contracts and guest performances. It all depends on whether or not your label has included it in the music business contracts or not.

Recording contracts are complex but you can gain a firm understanding of them and all that the entail. Having an entertainment lawyer is completely and totally up to you as an artist. But let me warn you, they can get expensive. But if you are going to hire one, then make sure you pick them and you pay for them. You want them on your side no matter what. Either way, Hot-melt ribbon it is important that you have a good idea what is going on as well so you aren’t a sitting duck.