Professional artists and designers

Cheerleaders are performers who make a crowd cheer on the teams. They are members of a group of uniformed performers whose role is to encourage the crowd to give support to the team playing in the sporting event. These girls often wear colorful uniforms that describe the teams color, but their little bows and ribbons help to identify them and make them stand out in the crowd.

Cheerleaders wear unique cheer bows, or cheer hair bows and ribbons. These girls must look good out on the field, but still they need to feel comfortable doing their job. Cheerleading requires flexibility and comfort, thus their costumes and bows must feel comfortable to tyvek paper them to give them the flexibility they deserve.

In addition, cheerleaders role is to look good while they are cheering on the crowd. Thus, when they have fancy hair bows that match their uniform and team colors it makes them stand out.

Cheerleading accessories include those hair bows, but to make the cheerleader stand out in the crowd those bows need to be artistically created and designed to fit their uniforms. Self-adhesive tape Yella Ribbon sets out to help cheerleaders find the cheer bows that they deserve.

Professional artists and designers who know what cheerleaders like fashionably create the bows. Some of the bows include the Glitz Cheetah Full Twist, which is the black and white print that is twisted with sequin colors to fit your styles.

The bow is available in various sequin colors, big bold, or stand designs. We offer the ponytail holders, ribbon ties, or the clips for your convenience. Since we know cheerleaders need to feel comfortable and have the flexibility to move we have designed a variety of cheerleading accessories and hair bows to fit all your needs.