The most popular wedding favors

When it comes to weddings, many may wonder, What do brides really want? Well, according to a 2009 survey done by Kate Aspen, a leading wedding favor manufacturer, they want inexpensive but not cheap. They Acetate taffeta want style laced in sensibility. Todays bride realizes that just because its her big day doesnt mean she has to spend a lifetime paying it off. In addition to decreasing the guest list, holding the ceremony at off peak times and doing some major bargain shopping, the number one way that brides are saving is with do it yourself favor boxes. Yes, favor boxes are the most popular wedding favors because they are:

Unique Themes

From purses to palm trees! Whether youre planning a feminine bridal shower or a big, bold summer wedding, there are lots of unique themes to choose from. Popping open to receive your favorite treat, you can choose from butterfly, floral, Las Vegas, beach, garden, Cinderella, winter, spring, summer, fall and snowflake designs to accent the theme of your special day.

Sophisticated Elegance

Get out the tuxedo and celebrate with formal designs, such as classic favor boxes in metallic gold and silver, pillow packs with ribbon accents, chair boxes with high backs and boxes with intricate patterns and die cut designs. For a more trendy presentation, select a favor cone accented with a florals or elegant ribbon at the closure on top. The triangular shape definitely makes a point about your sense of style.


Monograms are always an elegant addition to your wedding favors. Showcasing your initials on the gift tag, label or on the favor box itself, personalized wedding favors quickly become the center of attention. A single initial on a sticker may only cost a few cents, but it increases the perceived value of the favor tremendously. So, go ahead and dress up those sheer envelopes, plain boxes and gift totes with a monogram!